In Seven Days Around The Web #3

So the first week of March is coming to a close, which means we're one more step closer to spring. Usually I have lots of things to do on the weekend, but at the moment I prefer to relax and intend to give my flat a little spring clean. Out with the old and in with the new:


After coming across this lovely photo on the Freunde von Freunden blog, I realise I need more plants in my flat. They just make places look more vibrant.

I've been tempted to make my own bread for quite some time now. According to this article, breadmaking can be therapeutic too, who would have thought?


I follow Lana Pribic's blog with great interest, especially as she has recently moved to Copenhagen. This post is purely about the joys of the Botanical Gardens and made me want to return to CPH instantly!

In the news - Suzy Menkes is leaving the New York Times to join Vogue International; I will be watching with interest if her witty writing and style will have an impact on the Condé Nast concern. 


These lovely illustrations by Charlotte Trounce got me super excited when I saw them back in January. Coming back to them now, I am really tempted to try my hand at some fashion week illustrations myself. 

Lilly Wolf