In Seven Days Around The Web #29

Another week, another favourites post! As I spent the last two days curled up in bed with the flu, I can unfortunately not share as much content with you this week. However, get ready for a city guide, new perfume launches, some music, a funny video and some political content.

This track by Julio Bashmore is definitely going to get you out of your cosy armchair and out into the sunshine. So turn the volume up and dance into the weekend!

Being a huge fan of Meg's blog Lips So Facto and having had the Bella Freud candles on my wishlist for years, her recent blog post on Bella Freud's new perfumes made me more than curious. I will have to check the scents (and those beautiful candles) out next time I'm in London, which should be sometime in November, yay!

Trini is currently in Dubrovnik and has just published a little guide to the beautiful Croatian city (one of my summer destination wishes).

Alec Dudson of intern magazine has written a little feature in Grafik Magazine on how the travel magazine Boat kickstarted his career. Well worth a read!

I came across this video by Mollie Mills via Facebook. It's so beautiful and really well edited!

This article by Hadley Freeman in the Guardian about the recently leaked naked photos of female celebrities is really interesting and you should all read it!

Another video, this time one that has been all over the internet. Cos have just published their moving image of 'The Sound Of Cos'. What a great idea!

(German content) Dieser Artikel von Matern Boeselager über die Flüchtlinge in Berlin ist nicht nur sehr interessant, er trifft meiner Meinung nach auch den Nagel auf den Kopf. 

Last but not least: This great advert by Ikea. I have to say, when it comes to good advertising Ikea manages to do great tongue-in-cheek adverts! Time has all the details.

That's it from me. Happy weekend everyone!

Lilly Wolf