Another week, another post of my weekly internet favourites. This time it's all about photography, fashion and food markets. I hope you've all had a good week and have some exciting things planned for this weekend!

I've shared a link to my friend Flore's beautiful photography before. The magazine Young Shot (such a great idea for an online magazine, by the way!) has asked her some questions about her work and life. Have a read.

The almighty David Lynch has teamed up with the brand Live The Process to design women's sportswear - I might have just found the perfect gym shorts - but will have to save up first! (via Crack Magazine)

Emily of Emilinalove has published a lovely collection of images from her favourite interior blogs. They have made me yearn for a hanging plant and lots of rugs!

I'm a nude nails kinda girl. There, I said it! They look simple and chic and are easier to maintain than others as a slight chip won't be too obvious. However it's rather difficult to find the perfect shade and consistency. Well, Into The Gloss has just shared a list of the best formulas, so it might be time I invested in one of their favourites...

These images by Tommy Forbes on Don't Panic Online are beautiful and make me want to grab my camera and head somewhere warm and sunny!

Freunde von Freunden have published a guide of Hamburg by Onur Elci in cooperation with Mini. I love the beautiful design of the guide - just look at that type! - and as my sister is moving there in a month, I can't wait to check out some of the place mentioned!

My lovely friend Yasmin, or Y A S M I N, makes beautiful music and has just posted some of her songs on Bandcamp! It's the perfect music to listen to at work or when you're relaxing at home. Well done, Yas!

I recently came across the online shop Folkdays during one of my long internet journeys. I love their concept of supporting artisans across the world and paying fair prices for their products, whilst also showing the people behind the items. I love just about everything in their shop and am hoping to do a little interview with them soon, so stay tuned!

I've been on the hunt for a nice skirt I can wear all year round and the girls from This Is Jane Wayne might have helped me find the one! Here's their post of Weekdays new collection, which hits the shops in August. It's in German, but pictures speak more than a thousand words, right!

I wish I could wear boyfriend jeans like Jane of Sneak + Peak, and oh that Ganni top! Can you tell it's not long until pay day and I feel like going shopping?!

If you wanna bump into me in Berlin this weekend, then make sure to go to the Dicke Linda market in Neukölln. I just purchased a new camera and am raring to go out and take photos, plus can't wait to buy some fresh produce and eat some cake! (via Stil in Berlin)

The café Hermann Eicke was featured on Eat Berlin of What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today. I've never even heard of it, let alone seen it on my frequent bike rides down Brunnenstraße - all the more reason to hunt it down soon!

That's it from me. Happy Friday! x

Lilly Wolf