Hello everyone, this week's selection is full of insightful articles and reflects my current state of mind: quality before quantity! Having done a lot of on- and offline research to get my bearings on where I want to take this blog, I feel very positive and will hopefully be able to show you some first results next week - but don't hold me to that! For now I wish you all a happy weekend!

This article by Amanda of Assembled Hazardly is everything I like in fashion bloggers' articles! I'm having exactly the same thoughts on our consumer culture and it is part of the reason why I am currently taking a little break to re-establish what this blog is all about.

Career Foundry is an exiting start-up in Berlin and their recent blog post on the big move to freelancing is inspiring and helpful for anyone wanting to shift from 9-5 to home office.

Dabito of Old Brand New visited my new favourite blogger Sean of This Fruit. His home is so lovely and Dabito's photos are - as usual - insightful and beautifully set up. 
Don't you just want those two artworks on the left?

I came across this old article by Zadie Smith on 'The Social Network' on the New Yorker website. It's brilliantly written and sums up my generation down to a T. I wish I could quit Facebook... (via Hannah of Capture The Castle)

Freunde von Freunden went to see Australian artist Miranda Skoczek and I'm in love with pretty much everything in her flat, especially that lamp!

This article on The Guardian about Rochester, the Kodak town and its downfall is really interesting.

Diana of Miss Moss showed us the book cover designs by Oliver Munday, which are truly stunning!


The lovely Tine has come across the pearl collection by From Another Feather - and I love their earrings and rings!

Lilly Wolf