It's my first week back in Berlin and although it was hard to get back into work on Monday, I'm glad to be in my own four walls again - you just can't beat home comforts! One thing I really missed and was excited to get back into was my Seven Days Around The Web feature; I definitely enjoy finding interesting things on the internet and assembling them in one place. 

Finding Berlin have written a love letter to Valencia - I've been meaning to go since I have quite a few friends from there. Maybe it's time to book a flight soon?

Mulberry have launched an affordable line of handbags. Read more on Fashion Gone Rogue. (via Journelles)

The Venice Biennale has begun! And here's a great article on Dezeen about images of Nordic-influenced architecture built in East Africa in the 60s and 70s by photographers Iwan Baan and Mette Tronvoll.

Acne is now being sold on The Outnet! I've already got my eyes on a few pieces but have put myself on a temporary spending ban. (via Journelles)

Here's a lovely interview of At The Table with Atalay Aktas, the owner of bar Schwarze Traube. (via Stil in Berlin)

Markthalle IX have come up with a great proposal for the Viktoria Speicher. (via Stil in Berlin)

The Bass Cadet Record Store is turning one and throwing a celebratory party on the 13th June. Anyone in Berlin should probably stop by the event and listen to some good music and grab some food.

This lovely interview of Freunde von Freunden with stylist Julie Rouby is a great read - and I've got a massive crush on her adorable cat (and her boots).

This video by The Times on its typeface Times New Roman is great! (via HUH Magazine)

The Agency Survival Kits website has caused a few laughs at work this week - I am certain it would come in handy from time to time (especially the overtime one!)

Lisa Eldridge did Alexa Chungs makeup for the Glamour Awards and talks us through the process. Anything Alexa will get a mention on here, sorry guys!

Last but not least I've come across this lovely website called Contemporary Food Lab. Apart from impeccable design and beautiful images, it features lovely articles about food and even offers some exhibitions/workshops in Berlin - I'm sold!

Lilly Wolf