In Seven Days Around The Web #14

Seeing as though I have spent most of the week 'on the road', my roundup of the internet goodies might be rather minimal. But don't be disheartened just yet, I've still come across some rather interesting things:

When I'm back from my holiday, I will most certainly be visiting the new Bauhaus Archive exhibition on the writings of art historian and architectural journalist Walter Müller-Wulckow and modern architecture of 1900 to 1930. (via Slow Travel Berlin)

The lovely Kate of Stylecoke is making a trip to the city of love and has summed up her travel beauty bag in two beautiful photos (that marble background still gets me every time!). I can't wait to get her lowdown of the city in the form of blog posts AND a vlog. 

The new Apartamento magazine went on sale on Wednesday - get yours now!

Megan of Lips So Facto is a true master at beauty write-ups, not only on her own blog, but also as a weekly column writer for the website Layered. Here she shows us how to do that perfect wet hair look. Megan, you've got me hooked on your writing! 

Garance Doré has teamed up with Whistles to film this video to mark their upcoming expansion to France and the US. The video is called #bellesandwhistles and features fashionistas influencers from the UK, France and the US including Yasmin Sewell.  (via Elle UK)

I've always wanted to try and make my own hobnobs. A Little Opulent have got the recipe

Jen of Jennypurr has written yet another interesting and thought provoking post about blogging. With a blog being created every half a second, and brands taking full advantage of this (rather cheap) way of getting exposure, the hobby has turned into a business for many. 

I've recently really gotten into vlogs, so here's the first one by Cider With Rosie, whose blog I came across thanks to the lovely Laura of Chambray and Curls.

Sharing one of Journelles' posts seems to have become a weekly occurrence! This time Tine of Inattendu has assembled the best prints for empty walls - and I'd love to own them all! But that's not all, Tine has also featured the beauty brand Sans (Ceuticals) on her blog.

Hanna of Foxcheeks has written a great review of the Eden nail varnish remover (sorry guys, it's in German!). I have a little sample of it with me on holiday and will be sure to test the waters during my holiday!

This article about George McCallum 'getting his foot in the door' at various design agencies in London. I love people that use wordplays in their work, so he's a great find!

Lilly Wolf