In Seven Days Around The Web #11

Ah the weekend! With the weather taking a turn for the worse (thank goodness it didn't rain on the first of May festivities), it's time I showed you this week's pots of gold. So put your feet up and enjoy!

It's Gallery Weekend Time, everyone! So if you happen to be in Berlin, why not stop by some galleries and see some good art?! Niche Berlin and Stil in Berlin have provided you with a list of events you shouldn't miss.

I love this portrait by Sandra Semburg of her friend Doreen Schumacher - would love that suit and the dress she's wearing!

I'm a huge fan of pottery and my new favourite ceramic artist is Lindsey Hampton. I came across her via this New York Times Magazine article and would love to put a big order in. Her work reminds me of some pieces I saw at the Jewish Museum last year, really quite abstract and with beautiful muted glazes. I'm definitely going to try and buy more ceramics from now on, even if they're from flea markets!

How I wish I had a balcony or patio! I planted some tomato and parsley seeds on our windowsill, let's hope my project works out. Here's some great gardening tips by Erin of Naturally Ella. 

If you haven't already heard, the incredible Caroline Hirons has filmed two videos with Ruth of A Model Recommends. I've already hit the subscribe button, so should you!

Jenny of Jennypurr has started a very interesting debate as to why we blog, be it for PR, money or passion. I'm glad I can still blog whatever I feel like and that won't change - promise!

Kate of Stylecoke has posted a great little piece on Tom Ford's nude lipsticks. I've been creeping around the TF counters for ages now and think it might be time to take the leap... The whole lipstick post loving seems to become a weekly thing!

I've been trying hard to introduce healthier cuisine into my life. Deliciously Ella is definitely THE best website for inspiration. This recipe for a mango and cashew smoothie looks and sounds amazing and I can't wait to try it at home!

Anyone in Berlin should probably visit the Olympus Playground. It's an interesting PR project and I also wouldn't mind trying out the camera whilst strolling through the area... Finding Berlin has more info for you.

And to continue with the photography theme: My friend Kezia has just started a photo tumblr. Check it out!

Lilly Wolf