In Seven Days Around The Web #10

Ah, yet another Friday! I love posting my weekly favourites, because it means the working week is coming to a close and it's not long until I can have my well deserved weekend. Having spent most of my week away at my parents' house, I can't offer you a very long list, but I've still managed to come across some corkers; biscuits and tea at the ready!

I know, I know, there's barely a week I don't include one of Alisa's recipes. This one for smoked mackerel fish cakes and this one for poached rhubarb look too good to not share with you - and aren't her pictures stunning! 

If you're into aromatherapy and DIY's then this is right down your street: Content Beauty show you how to make your own home scents - a great idea for thoughtful birthday gifts!

It can be tough to not get overwhelmed by all the skincare know-how out there, so this post by Lillian of Parisian To Be comes in handy for anyone wanting to find out some more details (and brand suggestions) on toners to masks.

I was meant to pick up the By Terry Ombre Blackstar at Sephora last week, but they'd sold out in the colour Brown Perfection and I wasn't quite sure about the other ones (I think I like Misty Rock and Bronze Moon). Seeing that Anna approves of them, I'll have to make sure to grab one on my trip to the UK next month.

I was meant to go to the Camille Henrot opening at Schinkel Pavillon a few weeks ago, but still haven't managed to go have a look - time to check it out this weekend! This is a lovely roundup of the show by Mary Scherpe of Stil in Berlin.

I've never been a fan of Isabel Marant, but the new collection is looking really simple and refined. Journelles has the lowdown for you.

Grace of That Grace Girl wrote a love letter to the ultimate cult beauty item, the red lipstick. The girl's done her research, that's for sure!

And to top it all off, here's some beautiful work for Anthropologie by one of my favourite illustrators, Leah Reena Goren. I love her simple watercolours and always get really inspired when I come across her work! 

That's it from me, I hope you have a good weekend!

Lilly Wolf