Homecoming – A Quick Update

I'm finally back in Berlin! After a 13 hour journey back, I'm currently sat in bed reflecting on the past two weeks. So much has happened, I've been to lots of new cities and seen old and new faces, eaten enough food to last me until christmas and have come back with some pretty good souvenirs. Once I've settled back into my Berlin life, sifted through all my photos and have unpacked, I'll be giving you a few updates and posts - for now, bed is calling and I wish I wasn't going back to work tomorrow already! 

Here's a quick and exciting update, however. The lovely people behind the Zeit Magazin Blog asked me to answer their Proust questionnaire for bloggers - here's the post. I'm feeling very humble to have been asked and am very honoured. It's written in German, but I'm sure Google Translate can get the message across accurately. 

That's it from me for now. I hope you all have a great start into your week!

Lilly Wolf