Although we are already a third into the month of March, I thought it was time to give you a little lowdown of February.  While I don't see myself as a beauty expert at all, I have quite a keen interest in the subject. Recently I have been using up lots of old products to be able to give some newbies a try... 

A brand that caught my attention a few months back thanks to the lovely Ari is Rahua, who produce natural hair products straight from the Amazon rainforest. Their Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner have given my hair the bounce it so badly needed and I really like the idea of supporting a business that is sustainable and works with women of the Amazonian nations.

When it comes to skincare I have tried lots of different brands over the years. I never used to have problem skin, but recently (maybe due to the Berlin water) I have suffered from highly sensitive skin resulting in low self-esteem. Well, all that changed when I purchased the products from Pai. Having read rave reviews on the internet and also doing some background reading on the brand, I happily added a few bits into my virtual shopping bag. Their anti-redness and hypersensitive range is pretty much tailor-made to my needs. With their simple design and generous sizes, they have found a space on my now rather empty bathroom shelf, and so far so good; my skin feels plump and moisturised and doesn't feel quite as sensitive anymore.

An old favourite which I have been rediscovering recently is my Byredo Gypsy Water perfume. It has a very simple yet elegant smell to it which doesn't overpower but is instead subtle with hints of bergamot and vanilla. When it was drawing closer to the half-way point I started to save it for special occassions, but with my birthday in less than three months I am hoping to receive the bigger version - take note, Mama & Papa!

Lilly Wolf