Time to share some art with you! The other week I visited the exhibition 'Die 8 der Wege' ('The 8 of paths' in English) at gallery Uferhallen, which is situated right by Café Poertner in a huge warehouse. The exhibition presents 23 young artists living in Beijing and gives visitors a unique insight into life in China today and acts as a celebration to mark Berlin and Beijing's 20th anniversary as partner cities.

I have to admit that the sheer size of the exhibition overwhelmed me and made it difficult to look at all the artworks properly, but I did find some pieces I very much liked and could relate to.

Liu Wei - Colours, 2013

This nine-channel video installation stood out from all the other video works I came across. Flashing images of life in Beijing, for example normal road scenes and people on the streets, were broken up by flashing neon lights. As the videos were all silent, I found them to be very strong. The lights made it impossible to concentrate on the scenes for long, something that must have been intended by the artist. I loved the rich colours and the way the projectors and screens were set up and would have happily watched the videos for longer.

Wang Wei - Historic Residence (Mao's and his wife's bathrooms), 2009

These 18 photographic prints by Wang Wei of Mao's and his wife's bathrooms are really beautiful. Situated right at the entrance of the exhibition, they are beautifully curated and stand out with their calm colours and quiet message. I was a big fan of the bathroom tiles and can see the photos working well on their own, too.

Liu Wei - Truth Dimension No. 10, 2013 and Liberation No. 5, 2014

To my surprise Liu Wei hadn't only submitted a nine-channel video installation, but also exhibited these two canvas' call Truth Dimension No. 10 and Liberation No. 5. I really like that they almost look like woven tapestries. The strong colours and particular placing of the lines is something I haven't come across before in paintings - they almost look like glitches.

I just want to stress that I'm in no way an art expert, but very much enjoy going to exhibitions and writing about my personal experience. 

Lilly Wolf