Christmas Holidays Through A Lens - Part 2

My summary of the past holidays continues, and this time it involves SNOW - if you have missed Part 1, you can find it here.

While the Christmas period was spent in Britain, the advent of the new year meant returning home to my parents was on the cards. Having tucked into an abundance of rich meals, we tried to go for lots of walks in the snow (day and night) to keep active. 


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Of course, my parents' newly renovated bathroom called for baths pretty much every day. My camera stayed in my suitcase for most of my stay, as I was much more focused on reading books and relaxing with my family. However, I did manage to snap a quick picture from the oh-so luxurious bathtub (see above).
Sampling my new Byredo candle, to which I had treated myself in London, I indulged in long and hot bath filled with a new L'Occitane bath oil I had been given for Christmas.

Happy new year from the countryside everyone! 🎊🎇🎄

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New Year's Eve itself was a relatively quiet affair. After a delicious meal, the rustic family favourite of meats cooked on a hot stone and served with fresh bread and homemade sauces, we drank far too much champagne with my grandparents and watched the fireworks go off all around us. We opted to miss out on driving to a viewpoint of Basel - it's always far too crowded - which in the end turned out to be a wise decision. The fireworks soon turned the clear night into a foggy affair and we couldn't see further than about 5 meters...  

Of course, it wasn't very easy to get up the next day, yet after a late breakfast we set out for yet another long walk in the snow - this time in the Black Forest and armed with cameras. Above you can see my selection of images, I must have taken over a hundred. 

New Year's Day was by far my favourite day of the entire holidays and I can honestly say that it made me miss living in the countryside. I think my time off made me more aware of my need to spend more time outdoors and to have a more active lifestyle. Sadly, sitting on a desk all day and spending most of my time online, you easily forget the real value of tangible experiences. So, on that note, I will leave you.

Lilly Wolf