Christmas Holiday Through A Lens – Part 1

Breakfast at Duck & Waffle in Heron Tower, London

Breakfast at Duck & Waffle in Heron Tower, London

The holidays are over and I'm back in Berlin. After taking four flights, four trains, visiting two sets of families, going on three hikes, taking part in far too many lavish dinners, giving and receiving many precious presents and having a minimum of three baths a week, I can safely say that I had the best time! Of course, I wanted to share some of my impressions with you!

After celebrating my granddad's 80th birthday in the south of Germany with my family, my boyfriend and I were off to catch a flight to London. Apart from some serious last minute Christmas shopping, we also enjoyed lunch at Busaba, a dinner with all of our friends at Homeslice and, as a special birthday gift for my boyfriend, went for a breakfast at Duck & Waffle. Our reservation was for 7am and we witnessed a beautiful sunrise over London's skyline and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. What a way to start the holidays!

After a short train ride down to West Sussex, I spent the holidays at my boyfriend's family. Roasts and treats were a must, and on my boyfriend's birthday, we ventured on a hike through the countryside before stopping at a traditional English pub to devour a well-deserved pub lunch. The photos above were taken on said hike - luckily, the weather was beautiful; you can't fault a crisp and sunny winter day!

Sadly Christmas came and went far too quickly, so we bade our farewells and made our way back to London. Before boarding a terribly early flight back to Basel the next morning, I spent my Sunday with Bridie of Maisonellis. We had a great catch-up, checked out what the sales had to offer and sipped some tea at Rose Bakery in Dover St Market (which has a great London backyard view) and cocktails at The Book Club.

As depressing (and early) as the flight back was, we were very happy to finally see some snow again! 

Part 2 (including snow overload) will be on its way later this week!
Thanks for reading/looking!

Lilly Wolf