This post is long overdue! After having lived in my neighbourhood for over six months now, I can safely say I love it here. Not only is it the only area that hasn't been hit quite as hard by gentrification in the last ten years, it also holds a lot of hidden gems in store. One of these gems is the Café Pfoertner, a little café situated in an old bus depot. What used to be the Pförtnerhaus, gatehouse in English, has been turned into a small restaurant slash café slash cantine for the local artists and technicians. The surrounding warehouses accommodate studios for all sorts of technicians, a gallery and a piano workshop, which means Pfoertner is always full of an interesting crowd. 

However what's best about this place is the food. They serve delicious meals all day round - their lunches are especially scrummy and with a 5€ price-tag they aren't expensive either. Whilst it might be off the beaten path for most, it is definitely worth a visit. Positioned right by the Panke stream and next to the dance studios Uferstudios and the Uferhallen gallery, there is lots of sites to explore. Wedding is a great part of Berlin and has lots of interesting history in store - ranging from the industrial age to the second world war. But more about that another time...

Lilly Wolf