I’m going to Copenhagen tomorrow! Since my move to Berlin last summer, I have been itching to explore the now much closer Scandinavian countries. I'm only going for a weekend, but I cannot wait to explore the city, eat tonnes of good food and – ok, I admit it - go shopping! Even though I have never been before, here is some of the things I look forward to most, all nicely packaged in a Pinterest map (which is currently having pins added to).

While a two day trip is not very long to have a proper look around the city, I still intend to make the most of it, and to pack very very lightly, so I can cram as many purchases as possible into my little weekender, after all Copenhagen offers fine establishments, such as the Acne Archive, the Wood Wood Museum and the Hay House. But not all will be based around Copenhagen's shops; with a table at Höst already booked, I'm ready to sample nordic cuisine at its finest! But let's not go overboard and tell you about my travels before I have even left my flat, let alone Berlin. 

Have you been to Copenhagen before and have any last minute tips for me? 

Lilly Wolf