A Quick Update

Having been ill this week and still waiting for my wardrobe to arrive, my flat has been looking somewhat messy these past few days. To counteract this and to make the place feel a little more homely - especially with autumn on our doorstep - we finally framed some of our photographs and artworks. And what a difference it makes! 

The images you can see framed above all hold a special place in my heart - each one triggers a memory. For example, the photograph on the left is of a building in Bristol that I used to walk past a lot when I still studied in Bath. And the lithographic print on the right was only purchased a few weeks ago at a fleamarket in Berlin. 


We've also been busy looking after our plants. Here you can see a little addition to our plant family. It has grown lots since we purchased it about two months ago. Note the beautiful plant basket by Folkdays, which Lisa kindly gifted me and which is brightening up our bedroom windowsill. 

Right now, we're thinking about painting one of our bedroom walls a different colour (don't worry, it will be something muted, no bright colours allowed!). Maybe a mint or turquoise shade? We will see!

Oh, and I have exciting news for you all! The bed arrived! Now can finally bid farewell to our pallets, which will be upcycled into a storage 'floor' in our hallway. I cannot begin to express how amazing it feels to be typing up this post sat on the bed without being pretty much level with the floor. Photos will follow as soon as the wardrobe has arrived and the place is looking a little more tidy. 

That's it for now, but I'm thinking of giving you a few more glimpses of my place. Let me know what you think!

Lilly Wolf