A Glimpse Into My Home

inapavilion-8904 copy.jpg

Having lived in our flat for 1 1/2 years now, I can finally proclaim that my work here is almost done. It's astounding how long it can take to truly make a place feel like home and find the right place for every single piece of furniture. Having last shared some images of our home in October and with the sun shining through our windows, I thought it was about time to grab my camera and snap some more images to give you another glimpse.

First, some quick facts about our home: it is situated in Berlin's Wedding neighbourhood, comprises two rooms and is north-west facing (which means we practically see no sunlight at all during the winter). Although my boyfriend and I are yearning for a balcony, we've made do with some self-built window boxes, which are currently containing tomato seedlings and bee-friendly herbs (more on my plants soon!). Being self-confessed plant fanatics, we have collected an impressive assortment of plants over the years and are still working on obtaining more.

A quick sidenote: Although we had previously tidied the flat, this is pretty much how our home looks. Nothing was hidden or concealed to make it look more tidy or minimal.

I brought the woven chair (left) with me when I moved; it used to be my parents' and had stood in my childhood bedroom for ages. These days, it serves as a clothes rest in our bedroom, but is also situated in the perfect spot to catch the last sunrays of the day. The rug is an old and battered one I recovered from my grandparents' attic; moth-eaten and not quite as bright as it used to be, I think it won't last much longer, but I love its colourful pattern and am currently on the hunt for a similar (and affordable) version. The homemade shelf (right) has hardly changed since my last post, although it now accommodates all of our scented candles and candlesticks. 

The monstera deliciosa plant is the pride and joy of our plant collection. Since we repotted it half a year ago, it has grown lots and might actually already be due a new pot! 

The latest development in the flat has been a slight rearrangement of the sofa, which has resulted in a cosy reading corner by the window (centre). Can you see how much the spider plant has grown since my last post? I can't believe we brought it over from the UK as a tiny little cutting! We're in dire need of a second bookshelf, seeing as though the first (left) one is bursting at the seams. I'm also not too happy with the old Ikea locker in the corner, but for now, it's one of our only storage units and will have to stay a little while longer. Being a big fan of handmade pottery, I recently invested in some Kirstie van Noort ceramics (right). The plate is by Maria Kristofersson and has been in my possession for about two years now.

I hope you liked this peek into my home. Let me know if you'd like to see more from time to time!

Lilly Wolf