A Glimpse Into My Home

Even though our home is nowhere near finished yet, I thought it was about time I took you on a little flat tour. And this weekend, I finally had time to tidy up the flat and take photos before it gets dark - something that is sadly not possible after work, now that the sun sets earlier... 

So let's start with the photo above. Thanks to my parents I am the proud owner of this beautiful chest of drawers and woven lounge chair. Now that I have a wardrobe, I store my makeup, towels and bedding in the drawers and only put a few favourite items on the top. Having visited the Alvar Aalto exhibition at the Vitra Museum last weekend (more on that soon), I brought back the book about Alvar Aalto. He is such an inspiring character and I can't wait to read it. 

Let's carry on with the rest of the images. The first picture in the gallery above is a small part of our living room, featuring our collection of artworks, black & white photographs (more on those here) and a DVD shelf my boyfriend made for me using wood we found by the side of the road. On top of said shelf you can see my favourite vase by Jars and a small jug by Hay. Next up is another corner in our living room with a print by illustrator William Goldsmith, which I acquired during Pick Me Up a couple of years ago. The next image is another snap of the dresser in my bedroom, featuring a few favourite beauty items such as an Aesop moisturiser and deodorant, as well as my beloved Gypsy Water perfume and A.P.C candle (if you're interested in a more detailed report, read this). Up next is my wooden mirror and the shadow puppet. The mirror was gifted to me by my parents when I turned 16 and the shadow puppet is a present from my aunt and uncle, a souvenir from Thailand. In the next photo you can see two photographs I took during a short trip to the Brecon Beacons. To me, they look like scenes from a film. You can also glimpse part of our plant collection, featuring a coffee plant and an offspring of our spider plant. Last but not least, our proud camera collection and some of my boyfriend's art research books up on the shelves above the desk. 

As you can tell from my photos, I like a healthy mix of old and new. There is a lot I still want to add to the flat, a curtain in the bedroom for example, but for now I am happy with the home we have made for ourselves. The end of October marks our 'anniversary' in this flat, and it has really become a home and is starting to look just the way I envisioned it. I can't wait to start to decorate the flat for christmas! I'm already feeling so festive!

Lilly Wolf