A Dash Of Colour

As I've already told you on my Sunday post, our bedroom wall has undergone a bit of a makeover. Some might say my obsession with the colour navy has taken its toll. My boyfriend and I had been talking about painting a single wall in our bedroom for quite some time - originally we were playing with the idea of a turquoise coloured wall. When we had finally unpacked our suitcases from the Christmas holidays last week, we knew it was time to make the move.

Although the wall will need a second coat soon, I'm pretty happy with the result! We're planning on painting the other side of the same wall with the exact same colour, seeing as though it works so well with the winged door. 

When you want to transform a room into a entirely different animal, change the color.
— Billy Baldwin, interior designer

The deep blue brings out the colour of the dark wood and the white doors add another dimension to the room.

The dark colour has also had a positive effect on our sleep - lacking curtains, we used to often struggle to get to sleep due to the city- and car-lights. I'm sure these effects will be even more apparent in the summer months, when our apartment actually catches some sun-rays!

By the way: our colour choice is completely down to coincidence! We'd picked a dark grey with a slight blue hint, not really aware of quite how blue the paint was going to be. Even when we did a test strip on one of the walls, the colour didn't look as blue. The actual colour only became apparent when the whole wall had been painted, dried and we had moved all of our furniture back into position. Luckily, we like this colour even more than we initially liked the grey. But it will teach us a lesson of always testing paint, both on the wall and with our furniture, before purchasing a whole bucket of paint.

What do you think? Do you have a 'statement' wall in your home?

Lilly Wolf