2015 – A Reflection

Things have been a little quiet on these ends. This can be partly blamed on a certain fatigue with all things internet and the winter light making photographs almost impossible. Although I don't often get personal on here, I would like to reflect on my learnings of the past year and my plans for the new one. First up: A roundup of 2015.

A trip to Morocco with my little sister let me explore my photography skills and satisfied my need for an adventure. Having not been on a 'proper' summer holiday in a few years it was great to be able to shut off completely and return to Berlin refreshed and full of inspiration.

My holiday also marked a turning point in my career. Leaving my job as social media manager for Freunde von Freunden, I embarked on a soul searching expedition, including a three-month-long period of freelancing and ended up with two jobs that I'm very much satisfied with.

But not just my work life has been through some changes, my flat has developed as well. Having lived there for over two years, it is gradually becoming the place I've always envisioned. Adding curtains after over a year of blinding brightness in the morning may have been the best move. Apart from needing to add some finishing touches and some essentials (like a dish washer, obviously), I'm very much content and am especially proud that we grew our own tomatoes the second year running and even ended up using them for a delicious chili tomato chutney – and that was just with window boxes. Imagine what we could do if we had a balcony at our disposal!

All in all it's been a very good year for myself. I feel Berlin has become my home and although I still hope to return to the UK soon, I've finally settled. What did you get up to in 2015? Keep posted for next week when I will share my inspirations for the new year.

Lilly Wolf